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Samantar Cast Name, MX Player Web Show, Crew, Genre, Start, Wiki, Images, Pics and More

Samantar Cast Name, Web TV Show, MX Player, Stars, Premier, Timing, Start and Wiki: –

It is a Suspense thriller, love, romance story genre based Indian Web television series. Samantar Cast Name Stars of MX Player are Swwapnil Joshi, Tejaswani Pandit, Nitish Bharadwaj, Ganesh Revdekar, Jayant Sawarkar. Show is made by Arjun Singh Baran. It is premiered on popular web network channel MX Player everyday Anytime from March 2020. Shows production and Shooting location is in Mumbai and Pune India and rotates around it. Samantar serial is produced by Arjun Singh Baran and Kartik Nishandar under the banner of Gseams Productions.

Samantar Cast Name, MX Player Web Show, Crew, Genre, Start, Wiki, Images, Pics and More

The running time of the each episode is arround 26 to 30 minutes. The series is exclusively available on online web TV platform MX Player App. Distributor of the show is MX Player Team.

Samantar Shows Characters: –

Its main leading characters are Sudarshan Chakrapani, Kumar Mahajan, Nima Mahajan, Swami and Sharad. It’s story is written by Ambar Hadap. The male character Kumar Mahajan is impersonated by Swapnil Joshi. Its lead female character Nima Mahajan is impersonated by Tejaswini Pandit.

Additional Information of Samantar Cast Name Web TV Series: – 

TV Series Name: – Samantar

Telecast Network: – MX Player

Days: – Everyday

Timing: –  Anytime

Producer: – Arjun Singh Baran and Kartik Nishandar

Production: – Gseams Productions

Online Network: – MX Player Online

Show’s Creators: – Kartik Nishandar

Story Premise: – 

The exhibitions are explicitly sensational. The entertainers are given the short—Mysterious Astrologer, Faithful Bestfriend, Cranky Boss, Mysterious Stranger—and they go at it like a round of stupid act signaling and overstating the feelings to the edge of mania, while the ambient sounds stirs the feelings into a wicked wreckage. 

While viewing the arrangement I was infrequently cleared into Kumar’s extreme excursion. Be that as it may, the content is obviously an activity in movement travails. As Joshi fits and puffs starting with one country town then onto the next, he manufactures a case for movement fear for the lower-working class. The plot is a one-note travelog with breaks for Swwapnil Joshi’s Kumar to quarrel with his significant other (Tejaswini Pandit) who unmistakably isn’t getting the purpose of her better half’s successive away journeys. 

On One of the Best OTT Platform: –

In the last scene, we see Joshi snatch his surprised spouse into a fierce kiss. This unusual move is plainly a festival of the no-restriction opportunity on the OTT stage as opposed to an interest of the content. 

So here we are presenting cast name list of Samantar show.

Samantar Cast Real Name, MX Player Show, TV Series, Crew: –

Samantar Cast
Real Name
Tejaswini Pandit 28
Tejaswini Pandit
Swapnil Joshi 61
Swapnil Joshi
Nitish Bharadwaj 96
Nitish Bharadwaj
jayant sawarkar 21
jayant sawarkar
Ganesh Revdekar 51
Ganesh Revdekar
krishna bharadwaj 95
krishna bharadwaj
Arjun Singgh Baran 4346
Arjun Singgh Baran
Production - Gseams Productions

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