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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Cast Name, Star Plus Series, Timing, Genre, Premier, Crew, Start, Wiki, Images and More

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Cast Name TV Series, Star Plus TV, Crew, Premier, Timing, Genre, and Wiki: –

It is a Mythological, Sitcom, Fun and Science Fiction genre based Indian television series. Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Cast Name Stars are Ashwin Mushran, Riya Sharma, Satyajeet Dubey, Nitesh Pandey, Aakash Dabhade, Sumit Arora, Rajesh Kumar, Wahib Kapadia, Clair Castelino and Abhishek Awasthy. Show is made by David Polycorp. It is premiered on popular TV channel Star Plus every Monday to Friday at 9:00 p.m. from 23rd of March 2020. Shows production, creation and shooting location is in Film Studios, Mumbai, India. Maharaj Ki Jai Ho serial is produced by Sanket Vanzara, David Polycarp and Vasant Valsan under the banner of Trouble Maker Productions. The running time of the show is 20 minutes approximately per episode. The series is available on online web TV platform Hotstar app and web portal exclusively. Writing part is done by David Polycarp and Inam Ul Haq.

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Cast Name, Star Plus Series, Timing, Genre, Premier, Crew, Start, Wiki, Images and More

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Shows Characters: –

Its main leading characters are Sanjay, Sweety, Dhritarashtra, Shakuni, Senapati, Dr. Albert D’souza, Suryabhan, Gandhari and many others. The male character Sanjay is impersonated by Satyajeet Dubey. Its lead female character Sweety is impersonated by Riya Sharma. Dr. Albert D’souza character is played by Ashwin Mushran. Aakash Dabhade is playing the Shakuni. Nitesh Pandey is impersonating the character Dhritrashtra. Gandhari character is played by Clair Castelino.

Maharaj Ki Jay Ho Lead Male Female Actors, Actress, Cast, Wiki, Stars, Biography, List, Star Plus Serial

Additional Information of Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Cast Name TV Series: –

TV Series Name: – Maharaj Ki Jai Ho

Telecast Network: – Star Plus

Days: – Monday- Friday

Timing: – 9:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Producer: – Sanket Vanzara, David Polycarp & Vasant Valsan

Production: – Trouble Maker Productions

Online Network: – Hotstar App and

Show’s Creators: – David Polycarp

Story Premise: –

Star Plus furnishes the equivalent with new restricted arrangement Maharaj Ki Jay Ho. This TroubleMaker Production is a dream implanted with components of folklore. The story begins with a little league hoodlum Sanjay Satyajeet Dubey escaping prison. He at that point attempts to make it for his wedding with the girl of the head assistant. The mandap is his govt office. In any case, on the way, Sanjay is grabbed by his manager thugs, who compel him to take a talking vehicle. The vehicle utilizing a Punjabi emphasize helped us to remember Total Dhamaal.

A senseless disarray over the slaughter request permits Sanjay to escape in the vehicle. The trouble makers pursuing him in a shaky bike adds to the good times Meanwhile, there is updates on researcher Dsouza’s -Ashwin Mushran vanishing kindness, a botched test. Which takes him the times of the Mahabharata. Running for his life Sanjay breaks-in into the limited test zone and gets sucked into a dark opening, which conveys him back to the Vedic age just as the researcher.

Details of Characters: –

One thing we didn’t see why researcher gets Sanjay’s portable number sans arrange. However, the content repartee including God without a doubt was hilarious. Here, chief Deven Bhojani has treated the Mahabharat in a lighter way. We have clever botching blind Dhritrashtra -Nitish Pandey in a consistent fight with his most outstanding foe Suryabhan – Rajesh Kumar. Rakhi Sawant’s ex Abhishek Awasthy is the Hastinapura armed force cook and is as whacked as his ruler. Gandhari – Monica is similarly nuts; she can’t perceive any deficiency in sibling Shakuni.

Hastinapura troop pulls Sanjay in the court for his distinctive look, and his discussion is engaging, his utilization of English and present day words as opposed to antiquated lingo. Sanjay helps Dhritrashtra free a seized Gandhari. How he pulls the fleece over the eye of Suryabhan carried a grin to our in any case tense face. Be that as it may, he is constrained by Shankuni to assume control over instructing of brattish Kaurav and Pandav children and he utilizes cricket to produce harmony among the warring sovereigns. Before long we have a cricket coordinate between groups Suryabhan and Dhritrashtra. Old jokes like chit mein jeeta pat mein hara are utilized.

So here we are presenting cast name list of Maharaj Ki Jai Ho show.

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Cast Name Star Plus Series, Crew, Pictures and More: –

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Cast Name Star Plus Series 
Satyajeet Dubey 3
Satyajeet Dubey
Riya Sharma 1235
Riya Sharma
Aakash Dabhade 43
Aakash Dabhade
Ashwin Mushran 544
Ashwin Mushran
Nitesh Pandey 532
Nitesh Pandey
Rajesh Kumar 32
Rajesh Kumar
Wahib Kapadia 322
Wahib Kapadia
Maera Mishra 31535452
Maera Mishra
Abhishek Awasthy 23114
Abhishek Awasthy
Clair Castelino 31
Clair Castelino

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