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CIF Cast Name List 6, Full Star Cast, Dangal TV Show, Crew, Genre, Start, Story Based, Timing, Premier, Schedule, TV Series, Images, IMDb

CIF Cast Name List 6, Full Star Cast, Dangal TV Show, Crew, Genre, Genre, IMDb: –

It is a Thriller, crime, Investigation and Police Procedural drama genre based Indian Television show. CIF Cast Name List 6 stars are Vishal Saini, Swapnil Sunil Ajgaonkar, Taruna Singh, Sheetal S Swarnkar, Apala Bisht, Kishan Bhan, Satyajeet Rajput, Atul Verma, Akhil Oza, Priyanka Bhole, Kumar Narender Bokoliya and Indrajeet Kashyap. Dangal TV YouTube Channel is the online medium of CIF show. Sushil Sharma is the director of the show. It is the sequel of CID TV show of Sony Entertainment TV. It is premiered on 7th September 2019 at 9:30 PM only on Dangal TV network every Saturday to Sunday. The series is made by the Sushil Sharma. Its running time is 45 minutes approximately. Shows production, development and shooting location is in Film City Mumbai and Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The show is produced under the banner of White Sand Production.

CIF Cast Name List 6, Full Star Cast, Dangal TV Show, Crew, Genre, Start, Story Based, Timing, Premier, Schedule, TV Series, Images, IMDb

CIF Cast Name List 6 Shows Characters: –

Its main dominant characters are Inspector Hanuman Pandey, Senior Inspector Ali, Hawaldar Shambhu and Inspector Minakshi. And the Funky and cool Hacker guy character is also important.

CIF Cast Name List 6 Show Details: –

TV Series Name: – CIF

Telecast Network: – Dangal TV

Days: – Saturday- Sunday

Timing: – 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Producer: – Manish Singhal- MD Dangal TV

Production: – White Sand Production

Online Network: – Dangal TV YouTube Channel

Show’s Creators: – Sushil Sharma

Story Base: –

Ansha Syed is playing character Minakshi the sharpshooter, Dinesh Phadnis clarifies cases with his all inclusive aptitudes and Piyush Mehta is the white developer of the gathering. Narendra Gupta is a Forensic ace and Avdhesh Kumar and Abhay Shukla structure the fundamental bit of the gathering. The show will convey back the CID memories with performers Aditya Srivastav, Dayanand Shetty, Ansha Syed, Dinesh Phadnis coming back to share screen space. The component of the show will be the performers Aditya Srivastav and Dayanand Shetty. CIF is the continuation partner of CID. It is the wrongdoing examination or wrongdoing procedural show of Indian Television. Aditya Srivastav is the Brain of CIF gathering while Dayanand Shetty is imitating character Hanuman Pandey with the physical quality.

The entire CIF Cast Name List 6 characters changed per episode except the investigation team. Hiten will presently be seen assuming an intriguing job with regards to Dangal’s cop based wrongdoing examination show CIF – Crime Investigation Force. The show created by White Sand Productions will see Hiten entering as a Special Officer on obligation. Hiten will be found in one long winded story as the fundamental official. The scene will be the Chhat Puja Special in CIF. Hiten Tejwani confirmed that he will be found in a episode as a cop. The look will be new and the person will be an average cop.

So here is the CIF TV Show Star Cast.

CIF Cast Name List 6, Dangal TV Show, Crew, Wiki and Images: –

CIF Cast
Name List 6
Priyanka Bhole Biography
Priyanka Bhole
Taruna Singh Wiki
Taruna Singh
Sheetal S Swarnkar Wiki
Sheetal S Swarnkar
Apala Bisht Wiki
Apala Bisht
Vishal Saini Wiki
Vishal Saini
Kumar Narender Bokoliya
Kumar Narender
Swapnil Sunil Ajgaonkar
Swapnil Sunil
Kishan Bhan Wiki
Kishan Bhan
Satyajeet Rajput Bio
Satyajeet Rajput
Atul Verma Bio
Atul Verma
Akhil Oza Wiki
Akhil Oza
Indrajeet Kashyap Bio Data
Indrajeet Kashyap

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